Peeking the Secret of Bad Streets in Singapore

Singapore is one of the busiest cities in Southeast Asia

All Techno – Singapore is one of the busiest cities in Southeast Asia. But unlike Bangkok and Jakarta are often adorned with traffic jams on the highway, similar things seem absent there. So what’s the secret?

Director of Data Government Government Digital Services from Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech), Liu Feng-Yuan said there is a special treatment conducted judi poker online by the Singapore government so that residents do not complain about congestion on the road.

Similar to Jakarta, Singapore does not have enough road infrastructure growth to accommodate the current population growth of 5.5 million people. Road construction occurs only in 12 percent of the area, much smaller than the 14 percent increase in housing. To that end, GovTech makes two types of road routes namely the main line and the path called Beeline.

This road route is different from the main route that never changes and is facilitated with mass transit such as MRT and SBS. Beeline is facilitated by private company vehicles or third parties such as Grab to serve a more dynamic route.

Similarity Jakarta and Singapore

“We are open to not only working with Grab for all Beeline operations, but the government is looking forward to working with other players interested in developing innovations with different technology-based modes and options,” said Feng-Yuan.

Just information, which is a dynamic route that is the flexibility of the availability of bus pengampu (shuttle) to transport passengers on demand number and lane. Cooperation GovTech and Grab for example, only serve the routes required users.

GovTech judge the Beeline path is like a living thing that can sometimes develop but can also die. In addition, this kind of cooperation is expected to add options for people whose areas are not covered by mass transportation.

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“Currently we have 47 routes, but there are also routes that can be increased if demand is high and some are shut down because it is not needed,” explained Lim Kell Jay as Head of Grab Singapore.

Beeline has been built by the Singapore government 1.5 years ago. Currently, they already have 100 dynamic routes that work with eight transport companies. Some of these routes can be accessed through the GovTech website or the smart phone app. From there, residents of Singapore can access the routes available in certain areas and view their schedules and book trips.

However, for those who want to take advantage of this service must debit some money using a credit card. If the number of passengers is sufficient, then one company will provide the bus driver. The minimum number of quotas is determined by each company from 20 to 30 passengers for one departure on one line.

“If the number of passengers does not meet the quota, then the trip will be canceled and your money back.For business cost, we submit to every company.Some routes are open to the public, but some are only available to employees of a company,” added Feng-Yuan.

The route based on the results of this customer’s (crowdsourcing) can begin after 1-2 months of demand and the ultimate goal is not to make a profit. However, the government allows private companies to take advantage.

Such a system, reportedly will also be brought Grab to Indonesia through GrabShuttle. But when confirmed, the Grab can not be sure when it was realized. In the meantime, in the future GovTech plans to bring a car without driver mode more broadly on the streets of Singapore.

“The transport authority is planning to operate buses and cars without drivers, we are open with the initiatives of contractors, but so far the project is still limited to pilot projects, limited in some areas in Singapore,” he concluded.

Good Drawing in Lenovo Yoga Book

Lenovo Yoga Book comes with an interesting look

All Techno – Lenovo Yoga Book comes with an interesting look. Unlike most Android tablets, this tablet directly connects his judi domino online keyboard with the screen. Both are connected by a hinge that can rotate 360 ​​degrees. Thus, between the screen and keyboard can be folded in various modes. This is in line with other Lenovo Yoga devices.

Interestingly, the keyboard part of Lenovo Yoga Book can be used for typing as well as drawing. When it will be used for typing, the keyboard will glow showing the usual rows of buttons. This keyboard is called Halo Keyboard. This keyboard does not use mechanical keys like the keyboard in general. But a touch-sensitive flat surface.

Lenovo Yoga Book Must Activate CreatePad

When used to draw, the user must activate the CreatePad mode. Thus, the area that previously contains the keyboard button will die and switch to the image area. Users can draw on CreatePad using the stylus that has been provided with the device.

In addition to the stylus, users can also directly place the paper above CreatePad to draw. To draw on paper, the contents of the stylus should be replaced first with regular ink. Lenovo already provides ink and paper pen contents in the purchase package. This Lenovo built-in paper is already customized to the size of CreatePad.

The binding paper in this book is not a special paper. Thus, if the paper runs out the user can use any paper as his successor.

Another way to draw over Lenovo Yoga Book is by drawing directly on the screen. This method is quite common done in various tablet devices. Users can draw with the stylus provided. But, Lenovo also gave the option to draw without a stylus. Users can draw with pens, pencils, to nails.

However, in order to do so, the user must first enable the AnyPen feature in the settings section.

After our review, the ability of this tablet to explore the creativity of the graphics is quite interesting. Because, when compared with Samsung Galaxy Tab, this tablet has a response and better features. However, his experience remains difficult to compare with professional graphics tools such as Wacom.

Camera Phone Not So Focus Xiaomi

Xiaomi indicated it would not participate in the competition of mobile phones with large resolution camera features

All Techno – Xiaomi indicated it would not participate in the competition of mobile phones with large resolution camera features. According to them the phone does not merely put forward the greatness of the camera.

Director of agen judi bola Product Management and Marketing Xiaomi Global Donovan Sung said his phone prefer to focus on the device as a whole rather than focusing on one feature only.

“We focus on the product as a whole, our mobile phone is not only good in one aspect,” Donovan said after launching two new mobile phones in Casablanka City, Jakarta, Wednesday.

This answer is related to the launch of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 and Redmi 4X just finished. From the launch it is known both phones are equally only carrying the main camera 13MP resolution and 5MP front camera.

“A camera with that big resolution is enough for us,” Donovan added.

Whereas as widely publicly known, other mobile manufacturers such as Oppo and Vivo focus on their camera technology with a magnitude of resolution is very large compared to its competitors.

But it did not seem unshakeable to Xiaomi’s establishment. This is evident from the features provided by Xiaomi in their two new phones for Indonesia.

Both Redmi Note 4 and Redmi 4X both have advantages in the duration of mobile phone with 4.100mAh battery. Donovan even dare to claim Redmi 4X can last up to 18 days in a stand-by position.

In addition to the battery, the spotlight is also on the chipset that they both use. Redmi Note 4 uses the 625 octa-core Snapdragon 2.0GHz, while Redmi 4X uses the Sanpdragon 435 octa-core.

But like the characteristics of Xiaomi in previous mobile phones, cheap prices remain so excellent in their two new phones. Xiaomi membanderol Redmi Note 4 worth Rp2.399.000, while Redmi 4X can be obtained with dowry Rp2.090.000.

Toyota Separated Tesla For The Development Of Electric Cars

Toyota Separated Tesla For The Development Of Electric Cars

All Techno – Toyota Motor ultimately preferred to sell its stake in a US manufacturer, Tesla. With the sale is automatic poker online terpercaya as a form of cancellation of cooperation between the two in the development of electric vehicles.

The partnership had originally made Japanese manufacturers buy shares of the famous manufacturer of electric cars by as much as three percent for $ 50 million.

Toyota spokeswoman Ryo Sakai said the company had sold all of its shares in 2016. It was based on part of a periodic review, on its investment. Meanwhile, some shares have been sold first in 2014.

“Our development partnership with Tesla expired some time ago, and because there has been no new developments in that field, we decided it was time to sell the remaining shares,” Ryo said.

In November yesterday, or before selling the stock as a whole, Toyota has appointed a special president to lead the electric car division. The division was newly formed and a sign that its commitment to develop electric vehicle technology that had been passed slowly some time ago.

The division also consists of a new in-house unit to plan Toyota’s strategy on developing and marketing electric cars. It thus becomes the company’s effort to offset global emission tightening regulations.

‘I sensed the great potential of Tesla’s technology and was impressed by its dedication to monozukuri [Toyota’s approach to manufacturing],’ said Toyota president Akio Toyoda.

‘Through this partnership, by working together with a venture business such as Tesla, Toyota would like to learn from the challenging spirit, quick decision-making, and flexibility that Tesla has.

About decades ago, Toyota was also born as a venture business. By partnering with Tesla, my hope is that all Toyota employees will recall that venture business spirit, and take on the challenges of the future.’

Tesla founder Elon Musk said: ‘Toyota is a company founded on innovation, quality, and commitment to sustainable mobility. It is an honour and a powerful endorsement of our technology that Toyota would choose to invest in and partner with Tesla.

We look forward to learning and benefiting from Toyota’s legendary engineering, manufacturing, and production expertise.’